Some firms' trumpeting of their nontraditional, "quality-of-life" benefits can be read as code: allowing you to bring your dog to work and wear a Mohawk is another way of telling you they don't pay much or offer no medical benefits.

While we pride ourselves on offering a truly competitive compensation and benefits package, it's true that the intangible "soft" benefits are what attracted most of us to Denny Mountain Media and keep us here.

"Hard" benefits

All full-time and part-time regular Denny Mountain Media employees receive the following tangible benefits:

  • Health insurance (100% of premium paid for employee) and prescription drug coverage
  • Vision insurance (100% of premium paid for employee)
  • Dental insurance (100% of premium paid for employee)
  • 401(k) retirement plan (with company matching)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Education reimbursement plan
  • Provided equipment and home office allowance
  • One-week free annual stay at a Tucson vacation home

The intangibles

  • Work/life balance—We provide flexible working hours to offer employees the work/life balance they want and deserve. The way we see it, that balance is critical to maintaining the energy and drive to deliver the best.
  • Virtual office model—Putting aside the enormous environmental advantages for a moment, working from home offers other compelling advantages:
    • Keeps one more car off the road. (Couldn't put off the environmental advantages for even that long. Sorry, but they're huge.)
    • Keeps you, in particular, off the road. Think you could find another use for those 60 to 90 or more minutes you spend commuting?
    • Lets you spend your breaks practicing yoga without your coworkers sniggering. Or take advantage of the single, 40-minute pause in the day's downpour to go for a run.
    • You can get a puppy! They're the perfect officemates once they stop peeing on your carpet, and if you're working at home, you can cut their learning curve in half!
  • Minimal egos—You'd think it might be hard to keep our egos in check, given our enormous brains, but yes, we really do check them at the door. (Our egos, not our brains.)
  • Commitment to honesty and transparency—We’re passionately committed to both, in all our dealings with each other, our partners, and our clients. You'll speak to your employers as though they're actual human beings, because they are actual people—maybe even with something funny stuck between their teeth. The point is: you'll learn you can trust what they tell you, and you'll know they’re hearing what you're saying.
  • Reverence for irreverence—Just one example: Sponge Week. All during Sponge Week (held during the second week of February), employees can wear only sponges, or clothing made from sponges or sponge by-products. This is always an hilarious, team-building (if not altogether scenic) break from routine.