Mountaineers are all real employees

Has anyone ever asked if you are a contractor or a “real employee”? The question makes us scratch our heads.

Whether you’re a member of our Digital Marketing Team or on a Staffing assignment, you’re a real Denny Mountain Media employee, and we offer the same great benefits and the same dedication to your success and satisfaction.

Any employee who averages at least 20 hours of work per week for us is considered full-time and is offered the following benefits:

Paid time off

Paid time off

Employees earn 40 hours of paid time off per 1,000 hours worked (available as soon as it is accrued).

401K plan

401(k) Plan

We match up to 4% of your contributions. Free money!

Paid holidays

Paid holidays

Denny Mountain Media pays you for ten holidays and two Bonus PTO days per year. Be merry!

Equipment allowance benefit

Equipment allowance

Of course you get a laptop—that’s a given. To make sure that you have the personal bits and pieces that make your work life pleasant (and to stay out of the Beats vs. Bose debate), we provide you with a $500 equipment allowance.

Health insurance benefit

Health insurance

We pay 100% of your premium on a real insurance plan that doesn’t stop at catastrophic coverage.

Education reimbursement benefit

Education Reimbursement Program

We give you a $400 allowance each year to subsidize your path to career enrichment, personal growth, and total task management enlightenment (if, like us, you’re into that sort of thing).

Disability insurance

Disability insurance

Unexpected injury or illness shouldn’t totally derail your financial stability.

Employee referral bonus

Referral bonuses

We love to meet your friends! If you refer someone to Denny Mountain Media and that someone becomes a full-time employee, you’ll receive a $500 bonus after they’ve been with us six months. (You do have to pay the piper—the bonus is subject to taxes.)

Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Life and accidental death and
dismemberment insurance

In the event of your…well, untimely demise or dismemberment while you’re a Denny Mountain Media employee. Enough said.

Denny Mountain Media benefit: Tireless dedication

Tireless dedication

From working out schedule conflicts to occasionally cheering on garage bands, we take pride in supporting our employees in their work life and in their life’s work.

The fine print

Download this page-turner for more detail on our benefits.