Microsoft AI for Earth

Project: Managed services

Our team provides Microsoft AI for Earth with managed services— including content management, editorial, web production and design, analytics, and production management—in support of its programs and campaigns.


Web production, web design, analytics, production management, content, and editorial


AI for Earth is a Microsoft initiative that builds on Microsoft’s commitment to use AI technology to amplify human ingenuity and advance sustainability around the globe. Through ongoing projects and partnerships, AI for Earth strives to empower people and organizations to thrive in a resource-constrained world.

The AI for Earth team engaged Denny Mountain Media to help develop its marketing materials and online presence. Tasked with developing a new program that involved multiple teams and had the full attention of top-level executives at Microsoft, the team needed to concentrate its time and resources on program management. The sheer amount of work needed to market the program successfully, both internally and externally, was overwhelming. They needed a trusted partner who could provide whatever additional resources they needed and flex with them through startup-style chaos.


  • Built the AI for Earth website on
  • Rebuilt SharePoint site to better meet needs of the team and its internal audiences
  • Provided marketing communications strategy, content development expertise, and other marketing materials, as needed
  • Support both the and SharePoint sites as part of ongoing maintenance retainer
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