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Since 2015, Denny Mountain has managed a content team for Avvo.com. The team, made up of freelance writers and an in-house managing editor, provides Avvo.com with pitches and feature articles on a wide variety of general interest legal topics as well as specific topics related to its legal services and audience research.


Editorial, writing, proofreading, project management


Our client at Avvo.com client is a former client from MSN. When he moved to Avvo.com, he reached out to see if Denny Mountain could find and manage a team of writers, provide editorial oversight, and produce content on a regular cadence for the company’s Stories blog and Lawyernomics site. He needed to outsource some content management to gain the time he needed to concentrate on strategy and marketing.

Managing content teams falls squarely in our wheelhouse. We quickly hired a team of freelance writers from all over the United States. In lockstep with the client, we solicit pitches, schedule stories, turn around “quick twitch” news stories, edit manuscripts, update project documentation, and handle freelancer contracts and payments. We also gave the Avvo.com editorial team access to our Asana workspace (Asana is a web-based project management tool), trained them how to use it, and set up a workflow to keep everyone who works on the project in synch.


Avvo.com is in a competitive and ever evolving business. By hiring Denny Mountain, our client has a reliable partner who can match Avvo.com’s rhythm of business and quickly change gears as its marketing goals evolve. Our writers and editors are seasoned professionals who can home in on the details and produce good copy while also understanding the big picture of what Avvo.com is trying to achieve: disruption of the legal business status quo.

Since starting this retainer, our content team has produced hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics, from beating a DUI to game-changing laws for renters.

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“Working with Denny Mountain has been an extremely positive experience for me as a content manager. I first worked with them while at MSN, and was so impressed with their flexibility and easygoing professionalism that when I changed jobs and began work as a consumer marketer at a different company, I immediately hired them again. The projects we’ve worked on over the last two years have required Denny Mountain to be nimble and respond creatively to ongoing shifts in process, and they’ve been amazing about handling whatever I throw at them. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a bespoke content service.”

Matthew Cooke,
Former Editor & Content Manager, Consumer Marketing, Avvo.com


Stories written and edited


Pitches delivered


Writers screened and hired

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