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Project: Ongoing support and special projects

We provide full-service, ongoing support of Licensing’s 50-page website, including editorial, technical updates to adhere to client-side requirements, monthly web analytics, website publishing, download and video publishing, and maintenance to localized pages of the worldwide website. Our team also delivers projects, including website redesigns, site migrations to new Microsoft content management systems, SharePoint sites, and campaigns.


Project management, analytics, design, development, production, editorial, QA


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In 2006, Microsoft Licensing engaged our Digital Services team to provide support for a one-time custom content and website project. The initial project was so successful that the relationship quickly evolved into a long-standing digital marketing partnership. We continue to provide Microsoft Licensing with a broad range of services and support that includes maintaining their website and online documentation, supporting marketing initiatives and campaigns, refining messaging, and providing analytics and insights that drive strategic planning and increase customer satisfaction.


Licensing is a key revenue stream for Microsoft, so the worldwide Licensing group’s marketing and communication channels play a critical role in the success of the business. Our team matches Licensing’s rhythm of business, scaling up to manage the volume of ongoing work and to support key projects as needed. Our work in this engagement includes:

  • Designing marketing campaign pages, from concept to mock-up to wireframe; making adjustments per client review; and guiding the project through development and production
  • Redesigning website to meet technical and design requirements, as defined by team
  • Migrating website multiple times to stay compatible with the latest version of Microsoft’s proprietary content management system; migration requires building new templates, content changes, and development to ensure page functionality
  • Transitioning the site to four different analytics tools (Web Trends, Digital Analytics, Interana, and Adobe Analytics), as directed by Microsoft, and providing the client with web analytics
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“While we rely on Denny Mountain for their web publishing expertise, we also need them to stay up to date on the constant changes to our company platform. They are our trusted partner who understands our business and delivers what we need at the right time.”

R.T., Marketing Communications Manager, Microsoft Licensing


Web requests per month


Site-wide redesigns and site migrations to new CMS platforms


Locales and 6 English-language sites

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