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Project: Xbox editorial programming

Our content team provides editorial oversight for the Xbox console dashboard, and produces user communications and troubleshooting content to support and engage the Xbox community.


Editorial, writing, proofing/QA, design, production, production management, workflows, troubleshooting content, generating content for local markets

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To free up Microsoft employees to concentrate on program management, the Xbox group needed an outsourced team that could produce excellent content for the Xbox community, work with little direction, and define and own all publishing processes. The work is time consuming and requires a high level of detail, ability to define and adhere to specific processes, and specialized skillsets. Xbox needed people who are both experienced and dedicated to this work. Our team has the historical, institutional, and expert content knowledge, as well as employee stability, to fully support Xbox’s mission of providing the world’s best game console experience.


Our content team provides editorial oversight for multiple communications channels for the Xbox platform, including the console/dashboard that users see when they sign in to Xbox. The dashboard’s tiles and buttons feature both system-generated and editorially-generated content. We produce most of the editorial content, including editors’ picks and images, and focus on providing troubleshooting and community support to improve the value and use of the console itself.

Our team also handles the official messaging from the Xbox team and other product teams at Microsoft that want to communicate with the Xbox community. These user-direct messages are promotional or regulatory. Our team also creates posts and tracks metrics for the Twitter-type Xbox feed available to everyone on the Community tab. The posts promote exciting and timely content, like upcoming events or rare achievements. We also create and manage complex troubleshooting workflows as well as quizzes about the games. The quizzes build awareness, provide fun things to do, and drive community interest.

Our content support is international. Xbox has tiered markets; everything we do goes into the primary markets (Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom, Canada), and 25 to 50% of the content goes out to secondary markets made up of 26 different locales.

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